Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Massage- An Erotic Short Story

The Massage

“Seriously Cathy its just a massage.”
“I know but I have never had one before.” I said as I took the gift certificate from Sue. She thought it was a great birthday gift. As much as I appreciated her thought I was worried about getting naked and being touched by a stranger, it just seemed like a violation in some way.
“Trust me its fine and relaxing. You seriously need to relax.”
“You keep saying that.” I lifted my margarita as proof of my efforts.
“Just call Massage Heaven! You can request a female if it makes you more comfortable.” I huffed in response but I gave her my submissive nod indicating I was giving in and the conversation was over.
“Great you will love it. Now finish your drink! We are going dancing!” I slurped the last of the frosty liquid as I inwardly cringed.

“Ugh” I yelled as I covered my head with a pillow blocking out the light. I suddenly remember why I hated going out with Sue. I always felt like I was hit by a large truck the next day. I rolled over trying to escape the light, hoping to settle in for a little more sleep on my only day off. I tossed and turned feeling no relief, finally swinging my feet from the bed and padding into the kitchen for water and coffee. The only sure fire hangover cure. I sat at my table with the paper and a bottle of water waiting for my coffee to brew as I mulled over the conversation with Sue. Maybe she was right it, is just a massage. My mom gets them all the time. Everyone I know gets them. Maybe I am being to uptight. Sean told me when he dumped me I was an uptight prude, but then again Sean was a sycophant weasel so I wasn’t sure his word had any say in my head. Fine I told myself I will make the appointment. I threaded through the contents of my purse until I found the gift card and number Sue had forced on me and made my decision to call.

“Thank you for calling Massage Heaven this is Tiffany how may I help you?”
“Umm, Hello Tiffany I would like to make an appointment for a massage?” I said it so hesitantly wondering if I was actually asking rather than stating.
“Well you’re in luck we had a cancellation for 11am today would you like to come in then?”
“Umm, sure can I have a female masseuse?”
“Of course if that's your preference we always try to accommodate the customer. May I please have your name?”

I finished giving her my information and realized I only had an hour before I had to leave to make the appointment. I hung up and quickly ran to shower and get my coffee before heading out of the house for this so called relaxing massage. So far it felt like nothing but stress.

I arrived at the spa 15 minutes ahead of schedule as told. Tiffany as assumed by her name tag, greeted me with the largest smile that found its way to her eyes, which led me to believe she was truly as perky as she had sounded on the phone.
“Welcome, you must be Cathy!” she handed me a clipboard. “Before you have your massage I just need you to fill out these forms. Just a little medical background and some information so your masseuse will serve you as best they can.” I took the clipboard from her and took a seat mulling of the general health questions and the questionnaire that asked me to pinpoint my stress areas. Hmm I wondered can I just tick all? I finished up the questions and handed it all back to Tiffany.

“Great follow me.” I followed her through the dimly lit hallway to a room that was equal in lighting. Soft sounds of waterfalls and rainforest animals played in the background. She point to the decadently covered massage table.

“Underdress, and then lay down on your stomach with your head in that hole under the sheets. Stacy will be in shortly to start your massage.” she turned to leave giving me her smile again “Enjoy!”

I nervously disrobed until I was fully nude, assuming I would seem all to like my prudish self if I left a stitch of clothing on. After all this was about being relaxed and pamper and everything I am not normally. I got under the sheet and laid quietly waiting for Stacy to join me. I heard a soft knock on the door and I yelled “Its safe!” I heard the door swing open and shut and the sound of footsteps pad softly towards me. The sheet that had been fully covering me was softy folded down until it was tucked into my hips and only covered from my behind down. I heard the sounds of cream being dispensed and hands rubbing together and then I felt the warm wet hands descend on my back. I shuttered softly not realizing how sensitive my body would be to the touch of someone else. I heard myself slowly moan before I even could stop it. I tried to silence my self but Stacy seemed unaffected by it as she slowly worked on my upper back and shoulders. I could feel her take her thumbs and trace away from my spine in just the right pressure that felt both enjoyable, painful and soothing all at the same time. Sue was right this was decadent and wonderful. Yet I still felt tense. I was going to make every effort to enjoy this and let Stacy do her job. She continued to work her way around my back in such a fashion I couldn’t even figure out exactly how she moved how she did. It felt as if there were five hands touching my back instead of two. I melted into the table and felt the comfort and relaxation starting to finally set in as I nearly fell asleep under her amazing finger tips.

She worked her way down my back finally resting at the top of my buttocks slowly circling her fingers over my skin. Suddenly the room felt incredibly hot as I felt all the blood flow to the tip of my swollen nub. This was strange I had never in my life been turned on by a woman but as she continued to touch and manipulate my skin I found that goose bumps were appearing on my skin and uncontrollable moans were escaping my lips. My ass wiggled without any control. It was like my body was suddenly possessed by the need for another release. I could feel Stacy’s hands tense trying to keep her professional demeanor however the more I moaned the more she seemed to lose control as well. I was excited and terrified all at the same time as the hands that had made every effort to stay professional now egregiously rubbed my buttocks with no concern for professional demeanor. The thrill of the touch ruminated through my body as I was now completely writhing in the pleasure of just her mere touch. Slowly the hands moved between my crack and worked there way down as I raised my ass in the air inviting the hands to explore further. I wiggled, signaling a need that was almost uncontrollable as the fingers finally find my swollen nub. She pinched it hard and I all but scream as I here a soft “shhh” realizing if I am loud my release could be cut short, I find the padding of the head rest and dig my teeth in biting hard so not to let out another sound. The hands begin to rub and manipulate my clit as the juices come at a steady pace, I am beyond wet and beg for more by wiggling my ass faster. A finger finds my folds and gentle enters into me finding the little knot that needs to be fucked. A second finger enters me pulsing strong and fast against my spot causing me to shake from intense pleasure. I can feel the blood again flowing to my nub and the intensity becomes strong as her hands bring me to the most intense climax I have ever felt in my life. I bite down hard as I come, feeling my walls pulse and milk her fingers while liquid quickly flows down her hands and my legs. As I melt into the table I feel the strong hands wrap around my hips and turn me over.

I gasp as I look into the most gorgeous blue eyes that don’t belong to a female at all, but instead the most attractive man I have ever seen. He mutters a low and breathy “Disappointed?” I nod no as that's all I am capable of. “Good” he replies as he strips himself of his shirt exposing perfectly sculpted abs that belong on nothing short of a heavenly body. Understanding the name of the spa I shutter as he strips off the rest of his clothing and picks me up and sits me down on his massive erection. He backs me up against the wall as I settle on what seems like 9 inches of solid rock. I whisper in his ear begging for him to fuck me. He nods no and whispers “I am going to relax every bone in your body.” Then he slowly begins to punch while he massages my nipples and captures my mouth in his. Slowly sucking my lips. I feel my juices again start to moisten us both as he continues to slowly fuck me. He moves his hands down to my ass and slowly massages as he continues the slow erotic ride. I find his mouth again and suck his tongue until I feel him lengthen even more inside of me hitting a nerve I never knew existed. He covers my mouth hard knowing I can not control my screams. He grabs the bottom of my ass and I feel the intense shock flowing south as I find my climax at the same time he does, pumping uncontrollably inside me. He gently lifts me off his cock and lays my down on the table and covers me with the the sheet. He massages my temple and then kisses my forehead softly. “Get dressed beautiful I will be waiting outside with a cup of water, and take your time.” I close my eyes and listen as he puts his clothes back on and slowly backs out of the room. I lay there silently thanking Sue for the best massage ever.

I walk out of the room and find the Greek god clothed and smiling holding out a glass of water. I sheepishly grin and ask “Stacy?” he must understand why I asked and nods “Sorry if the name confused you.” I nod with a larger smile on my face and take the cup. As I turn around he whispers. Come back any time and make sure you take my card at the front desk.” I smile and nod and walk to the reception area. Where I greet Tiffany and request a follow up appointment with Stacy for the same time next week. She smiles at me and winks.


  1. Encore! Encore!
    LOVE this blog!

  2. My last massage was by a Frenchman named Claude and he kneaded my butt. It was weird since he seemed to really enjoy it but hes like my dads age.

    Loved your short! Another one next week?

  3. Oh my fellow hussy I feel like i have been challenged to be creative! I will have to find some inspiration! I got a massage once in Costa Rica and apparently they do your breasts and stomach there i was a tad bit shocked!

  4. Oooooooooh this really hit the spot. Ive been sexually deprived for quite awhile and this story definitely woke the loins up

  5. I enjoyed the story. Fairly similar to mine.

  6. Is yours on smashwords or blog someplace I can read it? Thanks for the follow here!

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  8. It was so nice, I had to read it twice! LOL. I know I'm corny but I really did enjoy it.

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  11. Awesome, It was a pleasure reading your article. Your words and sentences greatly described what is done in an actual erotic massage. Thumbs up for you!

  12. HOLY SHIT YES!!!

  13. When we're stressed out and need a break, we book a massage. Great idea, right? That is until we're lying topless on a table, in a room alone with a complete stranger, and that complete stranger is seeing and touching us. Naked. Naturally, we start to wonder what this person is thinking and fill in the blanks on our own

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